Wrong kind of "green"

Suzanne Lee Kraus worked as an assis­tant in a vet­eri­nary office, where her dog, Hig­gins, was also a patient – until he was euth­a­nized 9 months ago. Recently, Kraus wrote up a pre­scrip­tion for hydrocodone and pre­scrip­tion strength aceta­minophen pills in Hig­gins’ name, which raised ques­tions due to the num­ber of pills – and the fact that aceta­minophen is deadly to dogs so it’s obvi­ously not some­thing pre­scribed.  Kraus was charged with petty theft, obtain­ing a con­trolled sub­stance by fraud, fraud in obtain­ing pre­scrip­tion drugs and forgery.

TN Deputies Will Page and Gary Davis received a 911 call about a scream­ing per­son in some woods. Page said that he heard the sounds and was con­cerned, but when the two men fol­lowed their ears, they were led not to a per­son in trou­ble but … a goat tied to a fence. And then came the T-Rex.

weed moneuyMichael Med­vec owed a cab­bie in Philly 8 bucks so he went into his house to grab some cash.  While that was hap­pen­ing, some offi­cers walked up to the cab­bie to has­sle him for dou­ble park­ing.  Med­vac didn’t expect the cops to be there when he returned but tried to pay the cab­bie with some mar­i­juana any­way. A police spokesman said, “The cab dri­ver didn’t want any part of it. It’s right there in [the cops’] pres­ence. They can’t ignore it … You do some­thing silly, you need to get spanked a lit­tle.” Umm­mmm

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