Wrong kind of "green"

Suzanne Lee Kraus worked as an assistant in a veterinary office, where her dog, Higgins, was also a patient – until he was euthanized 9 months ago. Recently, Kraus wrote up a prescription for hydrocodone and prescription strength acetaminophen pills in Higgins’ name, which raised questions due to the number of pills – and the fact that acetaminophen is deadly to dogs so it’s obviously not something prescribed.  Kraus was charged with petty theft, obtaining a controlled substance by fraud, fraud in obtaining prescription drugs and forgery.

TN Deputies Will Page and Gary Davis received a 911 call about a screaming person in some woods. Page said that he heard the sounds and was concerned, but when the two men followed their ears, they were led not to a person in trouble but … a goat tied to a fence. And then came the T-Rex.

weed moneuyMichael Medvec owed a cabbie in Philly 8 bucks so he went into his house to grab some cash.  While that was happening, some officers walked up to the cabbie to hassle him for double parking.  Medvac didn’t expect the cops to be there when he returned but tried to pay the cabbie with some marijuana anyway. A police spokesman said, “The cab driver didn’t want any part of it. It’s right there in [the cops’] presence. They can’t ignore it … You do something silly, you need to get spanked a little.” Ummmmm

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