Wrong side of the fence

A CA. police report says 24-year-old Amanda Hall, climbed over one fence and almost got over the second fence of the giraffe giraffeenclosure at the Henry Vilas Zoo Saturday evening. A 2-year-old, 12-foot-tall giraffe named Wally gave Hall a lick, then turned and kicked her in the face. Zoo staff told police that giraffes are capable of killing lions, so she was damn lucky! Police say Hall told them she climbed into the exhibit because she loves giraffes. Hall was ticketed $686 for harassment of zoo animals.


Alicia Walicke swiped a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 from the shelf at a gas station near her home outside Austin, TX and walked outside, where she cracked it open and started drinking. The clerk who was on duty phoned police, and when they arrived on the scene, she was still there, calmly sipping from the bottle. When asked what she was doing, she told the officer that her boyfriend had been hauled off to the pokey earlier that day and she was trying to get herself arrested so she could see him. No word on whether or not she got the second part of that wish fulfilled, but she was booked on charges of misdemeanor theft and freed on $5000 bond.
A 19-year-old Maine man was recently busted for driving under the influence without a license, but it’s his mug shot that’s getting him a lot of attention. Robert Burt posed for his jail booking mug shot wearing a T-shirt bearing his mug shot from an arrest in June. And underneath the photo on his shirt read “Burt Family Reunion,” referring to a family member who is also incarcerated at the same jail. He now has a lot of people anxiously waiting for his next arrest and subsequent mug shot.



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