WW II missile launched in kitchen!

Cops found Shaun Paul Williams naked, blood­ied and inco­her­ent, claim­ing he’d been ambushed by a woman named Tree that he’d met a cou­ple of weeks before. She picked him up at his house, accom­pa­nied by two men, who she claimed were rel­a­tives of hers that she’d be drop­ping off on the way to their date. Instead, she drove to the pas­ture, where one of the men clocked him on the head with a hard object and ordered him to strip or be shot with a hand­gun that he had in his waist­band. The trio robbed Williams of about $200, a pre­paid cell phone and his cloth­ing and sneak­ers. Williams explained “Basi­cally, it was my stu­pid­ity … I should have real­ized there was some­thing funny about it.”  Hmm, there’s noth­ing funny about being left naked in a field full of cow poop.

New Mex­ico man Brian DeMarco said that he was plagued by voices that kept pep­per­ing him with odd mes­sages, so he needed to get him­self into prison where he might be able to get help. In order to get that plan in motion, he dialed the FBI’s tip line and threat­ened to send them a killer bur­rito.  The gut bomb would be filled with deadly plas­tic explo­sives! DeMarco blamed the feds for putting the voices in his bean in the first place, claim­ing that the U.S. gov­ern­ment planted a track­ing device in his head and beamed pho­tons into his brain.

bombPolice in Poland said a woman was hos­pi­tal­ized with injuries incurred when she acci­den­tally det­o­nated an anti-aircraft mis­sile while clean­ing her kitchen. What?  Inves­ti­ga­tors said the inci­dent at the Strzys­zow home was ini­tially thought to be the result of an exploded gas cylin­der, but they soon dis­cov­ered the 56-year-old woman appar­ently knocked over a World War II-era mis­sile stored behind a kitchen cup­board while sweep­ing the floor! Police said the woman’s hus­band brought the object to their home years ago and the fam­ily had assumed it was no longer active.  Oops – prob­a­bly should have had that checked.

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