Ya old bag O bones!

It’s not unusual to look into an IKEA bag and find a bunch of disassembled pieces. But it is if those pieces are actually human bag of bonesbones. A woman researching old ruins inside a church in Sweden was shocked when she found several large blue IKEA bags filled with the remains of about 80 human skeletons. The bones had apparently been excavated five years ago while the church was being remodeled and were supposed to have been reburied. An archaeologist who took part in that excavation estimated the bones to be as old as 500 years .


Kevin McGroarty worked in advertising for some 30 years. His final project: a hilarious “500-word mini masterpiece,” which happens to be his own obituary. McGroarty, who died last week kicks it off with a bang—”McGroarty Achieves Room Temperature!” before explaining he died “after battling a long fight with mediocrity.” “He enjoyed elaborate practical jokes, over-tipping in restaurants, sushi, and Marx Brothers movies. … He will be laid to rest at Mount Olivet Cemetery, section 7N. He asks to please make note of his new address.” And friends, “Please, don’t email me, I’m dead.”

A few weeks ago, a woman tried to purchase more than $400 worth of beauty supplies and on a credit card and when the clerk asked for ID she said she didn’t have any. So, thinking this was a bit suspicious he asked if he could take her photograph with the credit card. The woman obliged and then left with her purchased items. Recently, a 74-year-old woman who had her wallet stolen from a Walmart contacted police when she noticed fraudulent charges on her credit card statement. Cops paid a visit to the beauty supply store and asked if there had been any suspicious purchases lately. The clerk knew exactly what he was referring to and showed him the photo he had taken with the victim’s credit card.

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