Ya old bag O bones!

It’s not unusual to look into an IKEA bag and find a bunch of dis­as­sem­bled pieces. But it is if those pieces are actu­ally human bag of bonesbones. A woman research­ing old ruins inside a church in Swe­den was shocked when she found sev­eral large blue IKEA bags filled with the remains of about 80 human skele­tons. The bones had appar­ently been exca­vated five years ago while the church was being remod­eled and were sup­posed to have been reburied. An archae­ol­o­gist who took part in that exca­va­tion esti­mated the bones to be as old as 500 years .


Kevin McGroarty worked in adver­tis­ing for some 30 years. His final project: a hilar­i­ous “500-word mini mas­ter­piece,” which hap­pens to be his own obit­u­ary. McGroarty, who died last week kicks it off with a bang—“McGroarty Achieves Room Tem­per­a­ture!” before explain­ing he died “after bat­tling a long fight with medi­oc­rity.” “He enjoyed elab­o­rate prac­ti­cal jokes, over-tipping in restau­rants, sushi, and Marx Broth­ers movies. … He will be laid to rest at Mount Olivet Ceme­tery, sec­tion 7N. He asks to please make note of his new address.” And friends, “Please, don’t email me, I’m dead.”

A few weeks ago, a woman tried to pur­chase more than $400 worth of beauty sup­plies and on a credit card and when the clerk asked for ID she said she didn’t have any. So, think­ing this was a bit sus­pi­cious he asked if he could take her pho­to­graph with the credit card. The woman obliged and then left with her pur­chased items. Recently, a 74-year-old woman who had her wal­let stolen from a Wal­mart con­tacted police when she noticed fraud­u­lent charges on her credit card state­ment. Cops paid a visit to the beauty sup­ply store and asked if there had been any sus­pi­cious pur­chases lately. The clerk knew exactly what he was refer­ring to and showed him the photo he had taken with the victim’s credit card.

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