Yo, Adrian!!

car on art musume stepsA 20-year-old man allegedly drove his BMW down the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps.  You know, the ones immortalized by Sylvester Stallone in Rocky?  Philadelphia police say that Emin Faki told them he couldn’t stop the car because the brakes failed. After getting the car checked out by a mechanic, discovering the brakes to be fine, police filed a criminal charge and was instructed to stay away from the museum in the meantime.

A Florida man proved he was a real rug rat by walking into a home improvement store and rolling himself up in a large length of carpet.  John Wesley Crews wrapped himself in about 15 feet of indoor-outdoor floor covering, leading employees to call cops to get him off the property. When officers arrived, they found Crews had lost control of his bladder, which he said was a result of being “messed up from being over at Don’s Ice House.”  He apologized and was charged with burglary and criminal mischief.

 A Florida woman who was hoping to get hired by an adult novelty store ruined any chance of a job.  She apparently left her name, address and phone number with a manager – who noticed that one of the store’s products, was missing from a shelf after her departure. Surveillance video showed the gal hiding the device, so she was brought in for questioning – and a viewing of the footage, which prompted her to say, “Oh my God. Look at what I’m doing. Oh my God. I’m gonna cry!”  I’ll tell ya what you’re NOT gonna get – a job!  Get outta here!  She apologized and said she was “very drunk” at the time of the incident – for which she’ll appear in court next week.

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