You dropped something...

 Police in Florida say the Del­tona water office was evac­u­ated when a cus­tomer handed a cashier an enve­lope with white pow­der. The build­ing was evac­u­ated while deputies and haz­ardous mate­ri­als teams tested the pow­der, which turned out to be crack cocaine. The inves­ti­ga­tion into the inci­dent was ongo­ing, the sheriff’s depart­ment said.  Last time I checked the water dept doesn’t take drugs for payment.

New Jer­sey man Harry Heck said that he got to feel­ing a lit­tle frisky after he and his neigh­bors couldn’t con­vince offi­cials that there was a prob­lem with stray cats – so he decided to take mat­ters into his own hands by lur­ing them to their homes instead of his by putting cat food on their prop­erty!  Heck, who had pre­vi­ously com­plained about another townie feed­ing the crit­ters on his prop­erty, pleaded guilty to lit­ter­ing and was ordered to pay a $250 fine.

Accord­ing to a police report, John Solo­ma­yar was argu­ing with his neigh­bor when he esca­lated the fight by walk­ing out into the mid­dle of the street whipped out his junk – wav­ing it angrily in the direc­tion of the unnamed other gen­tle­man and mak­ing vul­gar remarks. The vic­tim of the out­burst called 911 to file a com­plaint, say­ing that the fight­ing was “an every­day thing.” When offi­cers arrived at the scene, Solo­ma­yar was unsteady on his feet and reeked of alco­hol, but insisted he never inten­tion­ally dropped his pants pants around ankels– say­ing his jeans might have fallen down because they were too big.

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