"You'll lick your eye out, kid"

eyepatchA wild new craze is sweeping schools in Japan – eyeball licking!  Unfortunately, eyeball licking is totally unsanitary, and has led to a massive outbreak of pink eye.  Because of the pink eye, more and more students have been showing up to class with eye patches on. So if you’re in class and look around, you can see pretty quickly who’s been getting their eyeball-licking freak on.

Cops in Brooklyn are looking for a gaggle of crooks that have both sticky fingers and stinky fingers – after a crime spree that includes robbing bars of their toilet seats, bathroom fixtures, and even disinfectant cakes from inside urinals. Gross, that’s the last place I’d steal a urinal cake from! Another bar reported that its ladies room was ransacked for toilet paper and feminine products from its in-stall vending machine.

Martin Perez, 33, was arrested on an aggravated battery charge. When he arrived at the St. Lucie County jail, Perez was asked if he had any weapons or drugs on him, to which he said no. However, deputies found a bag of white powder hidden between his toes!  Perez said the powder was indeed cocaine, but it wasn’t his. Deputies obviously didn’t buy Perez’s story, though, and charged him with cocaine possession and smuggling contraband into a detention facility.

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