Young girl asks, "Will it stick?"

Police in Spain responded to an emer­gency call from a neigh­bor New Years Day and found a man, 24, unre­spon­sive and wrapped in a blan­ket in the trunk of a car!  Para­medics deter­mined the man was sim­ply passed out. When he came to, police said he told them he had a vague rec­ol­lec­tion of being put in the trunk by his brother, cousin and another per­son. No charges were filed.  This would be an easy fix for those peo­ple that get stu­pid.  You act like an idiot; we wrap you up like a bur­rito and toss you in the trunk till you sober up.

tongue stuck12 year old Mad­die Gilmartin was help­ing her father clean up from Thursday’s snow storm when she got an idea. ‘Hey, what would hap­pen if I stuck my tongue to a flag pole?’  She found out, kids.  She was stuck for 15 min­utes before her par­ents were able to free her with some warm water and take her to the emer­gency room. The swelling in her mouth that she’s treat­ing with Motrin and cold com­presses is expected to last about six weeks.  Some­thing tells me A Christ­mas Story is not a clas­sic in that household.

Matt Skytta pol­ished off an early morn­ing meal at an Orlando IHOP, but when the check came, he pro­duced a badge and said, “I’m a cop, I get food for free.” When informed that police paid for chow at that loca­tion, Skytta dropped his trousers giv­ing them his ren­di­tion of the “Moon Over My Ham­mie” (which by the way is a sand­wich at IHOPS com­peti­tor, Denny’s).  As real cops led him away, Skytta shouted that he was actu­ally a Green Beret and claimed, “If I die, Pres­i­dent Obama dies.” He was charged with imper­son­at­ing a law-enforcement offi­cer, tres­pass­ing and dis­or­derly con­duct.

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