Your scalp or your watch

tomahawkRobin Irvine of Hemet, a tomahawk-throwing champion, said she woke up terrified Saturday morning when she felt someone attempting to take her watch off of her wrist. She said, “I sat right up and screamed at the top of my lungs.” Then she grabbed the tomahawk she keeps by her bed and the weapon frightened the two men into fleeing.  Police said one of the men, Nicholas Ulloa, was found hiding in a nearby bush and arrested on a first-degree burglary charge. The other suspect is still on the loose.  You can probably spot him by the wet spot on his jeans.

Well, fraternity hazing has now gone to a new level as a pledge needed to have a testicle surgically removed after being hit in the jewels with a towel! This was done after having Limburger cheese stuffed in their mouths. The Gamma Phi Gamma chapter at Wilmington College in Ohio has been suspended. That’s a little bit of justice, but, unfortunately, the pledge that was assaulted won’t get his bird’s egg back.

Richard Brandon and a buddy ran out of cash while on a drinking binge and decided to burglarize a nearby house that looked to be unoccupied. But when Brandon tried to ease himself down through the chimney, he got wedged inside and ended up completely immobilized – at which point his accomplice decided to call 911 for help.  Cops arrived at the scene shortly after getting the call from Derke Grenfell and freed Brandon –before taking that freedom away by cuffing him and hauling him off to jail on two counts of burglary.

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