You're gonna really stink now

German police said a 20-year-old woman was in a nightclub’s restroom when she took a spray canister from her friend’s purse, believing it to be deodorant which she then pepperspraysprayed. The pepper spray quickly spread through the building and the club was evacuated.  Two women were treated for eye injuries.    Police said they are looking into whether the woman will face negligent bodily harm charges.

A man was detained at an airport in New Zealand.  The man had just gotten off a flight from China, and upon inspection of his bags, agents discovered that he was carrying a 29-centimeter donkey wang.  The man filled out the proper customs paperwork and had declared it as “meat” (I’ll say). Apparently it is a delicacy dish in China. No charges were filed against the passenger, although agents confiscated and destroyed the (cough cough) “meat.”


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