Zombie Crash

zombie_beer_t460The Cal­i­for­nia High­way Patrol said Jer­im­iah Hart­line, 19, of Ten­nessee stole the semi from a weigh sta­tion on Inter­state 15 in Rain­bow and drove it to Temec­ula, where he col­lided with a Toy­ota Tacoma that in turn struck a Toy­ota 4-Runner and a Mer­cedes! The stolen truck then flipped onto its side and blocked all four north­bound lanes of the inter­state. High­way Patrol spokesman Nathan Baer said Hart­line climbed into a van and demanded a ride, but the dri­ver instead pulled him out of the vehi­cle and held him with the help of other bystanders until offi­cers arrived. Police said Hart­line, who was a pas­sen­ger in the semi before dri­ving off at the weigh sta­tion, said“He said zom­bies were chas­ing him and he had to get out of here,” Baer said. Baer said police have yet to deter­mine whether Hart­line was under the influ­ence of drugs.

A trio of intrud­ers got a lit­tle too saucy with a San Fran­cisco woman ear­lier this week, break­ing into her house and dous­ing her with bar­be­cue sauce before flee­ing the scene. The woman said she was watch­ing tele­vi­sion in her liv­ing room when she heard a com­mo­tion out­side the win­dow and went over to look. When she opened the door a crack, some men forced their way in and sur­rounded her, but didn’t attempt to assault her – unless you con­sider her hav­ing been doused with BBQ sauce. Appar­ently unnerved by her pres­ence, the men didn’t even bother steal­ing any­thing from her apartment.

At a strip club in San Fran­cisco, a man was injured when an argu­ment with a dancer led to a fist­fight with 15 men!  The argu­ment – of course – was about money and the dancer started to film the guy because he was behav­ing inap­pro­pri­ately. That angered him and he lashed out by smack­ing the woman’s phone out of her hand and onto the ground. She screamed, and 15 men gath­ered around the man and beat him to a pulp. Adding insult to injury, the mob ended up steal­ing his wal­let and run­ning away.

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