Zombie Crash

zombie_beer_t460The California Highway Patrol said Jerimiah Hartline, 19, of Tennessee stole the semi from a weigh station on Interstate 15 in Rainbow and drove it to Temecula, where he collided with a Toyota Tacoma that in turn struck a Toyota 4-Runner and a Mercedes! The stolen truck then flipped onto its side and blocked all four northbound lanes of the interstate. Highway Patrol spokesman Nathan Baer said Hartline climbed into a van and demanded a ride, but the driver instead pulled him out of the vehicle and held him with the help of other bystanders until officers arrived. Police said Hartline, who was a passenger in the semi before driving off at the weigh station, said”He said zombies were chasing him and he had to get out of here,” Baer said. Baer said police have yet to determine whether Hartline was under the influence of drugs.

A trio of intruders got a little too saucy with a San Francisco woman earlier this week, breaking into her house and dousing her with barbecue sauce before fleeing the scene. The woman said she was watching television in her living room when she heard a commotion outside the window and went over to look. When she opened the door a crack, some men forced their way in and surrounded her, but didn’t attempt to assault her – unless you consider her having been doused with BBQ sauce. Apparently unnerved by her presence, the men didn’t even bother stealing anything from her apartment.

At a strip club in San Francisco, a man was injured when an argument with a dancer led to a fistfight with 15 men!  The argument – of course – was about money and the dancer started to film the guy because he was behaving inappropriately. That angered him and he lashed out by smacking the woman’s phone out of her hand and onto the ground. She screamed, and 15 men gathered around the man and beat him to a pulp. Adding insult to injury, the mob ended up stealing his wallet and running away.

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